Business Results

Preferred Sands


  • Manufacturing and Mining company with a difference: they care about teaming and understand how to do it. Now.
  • Won one of the first Supernova awards for the use of an emerging technology to produce business benefits.
  • RESULTS: Went from 30% new-hire turnover to ZERO. Six years later, they are still below 2%.
  • CEO Mike O'Neill: “So here’s what I recommend: whether you have hiring quality problems, or team performance problems, or any other people-related issues or challenges, stop paying so much attention to talent and focus on finding the right team players.”

Top-10 U.S. Health Ins & Delivery Org


  • 450+ participants in 3 separate projects
  • Proof point: Does Teamability reduce workplace stress so people can be more productive? 
  • RESULTS: Yes, average 4.1 on a 5.0 point scale, in an independently administered study
  • Natalie Neelan, who deployed these projects, said “Teamability is one of the most disruptive innovations I have seen in years... If you are a leader, you simply must see what this technology can do to propel you forward, faster.”

Techify Inc.


  • Managed IT services company, 3 years running on Profit Magazine’s
     ‘Fastest-growing Companies in Canada’ list - 5-year growth 272% 
  • RESULTS: New-hire turnover in 2013, 58%; in 2014, 32%; in 2015, 0%

Constellation Research


  • Analyzed what was really required to sell and deliver their very specialized analyst services
  • RESULTS: “…the numbers speak for themselves. In 2011, our turnover was 80%; in 2017 it was 4%.” 
  • Founder Ray Wang noted ”Teamability is like having the answer key to a million-piece organizational puzzle.”