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Teamability® is an online exercise in which the user is immersed in a team activity, described as ‘starring in a movie’ which is, by its nature, interactive. The technology observes how the user interacts and reports that information back in usable forms that provide business value. 

Teamability is not a static measure of one ‘slice’ of one person. It measures three unique areas of human interaction: Role, Coherence, and Teaming Characteristics, which are then applied within the organization to provide management advisory in the realms of improving team functioning, starting with team design and team member selection. 

Management learns to apply Teamability – to become a teaming organization – through the application of Team Performance Packages and the specialized management and motivation information contained in the specific manager’s unique Teamability Playbook. Individual reports are also available in two forms: Self-coaching, and Management Advisory (only available to those who have had coursework or mentoring in applying the information.)

Teamability’s technology was developed in the 21st century, and has been used in start-ups to multinationals to improve candidate attraction, selection, team performance, management and

leadership technique, and operational issues. 

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