No one does it alone. Wouldn't you like to have a winning team? Teamability® is the new way to know who'll get it done! And if you need more TeamSpirit® for your team, ask us how you can get it!

About Teamability

Teamability® is an online method that observes how people interact on a team. The user stars in a series of ten movies, and that information is transformed into reports that provide personal and business value. 

It's not a measure of psychological traits, which are just ‘slices’ of a person. It measures three metrics of human interaction: Role, Coherence, and Teaming Characteristics. These are then applied to provide management advisory to improve teaming, starting with selection. 

You become a teaming organization through the application of Team Performance reports, and the management and motivation information contained in each manager’s unique Teamability Playbook. 

Teamability’s technology was developed in the 21st century, and has been used in start-ups to multinationals to improve candidate attraction, selection, team performance, management and leadership growth, and operational issues.

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